Year 6 ND Information


Hello and welcome to year 6. Our year 6 teacher is Mr Dixon

Key information

PE: Year 6 will be taught PE on Monday afternoon by a PE teacher from Kepier (also called Mr Dixon) and on Thursdays. Children should wear appropriate PE bottoms (such as dark, plain joggers, shorts or sports leggings) and trainers on those days.

Homework: Children are expected to read 4 times per week at home and bring their reading record to school every day. They should complete 20 minutes per week on TTRockstars. Each week, children will get a list of 10 spelling words to practise at home on EdShed, and will be tested on these on Fridays.




·         Children do not need to bring in any equipment or stationery, as this is all provided by school.

·         For the safety of our children, they should not wear jewellery to school.


Year 6 children will be taking their SATs in May 2024. These tests are important for the children and the school, so it is important that they attend school every day. It is important that they work hard throughout the year, so that they can achieve the results they deserve, and set them up for their time in secondary school.

Here are some useful websites to help with SATs revision:








Children will be taught and consolidate a range of reading skills in year 6 to ensure they are fluent and comprehensive readers. During our reading lessons, we will be continuing to practise our reading fluency and ability to confidently read aloud. They will use reading skills to figure out the meaning of unknown words to be able to discuss the meaning behind what we have read. Children will use their inference skills to look deeper into understanding a text and articulating answers appropriately. Children will regularly have the opportunity to apply these reading skills to texts and show their progress throughout the year.

In place of Reading Plus, we will be completing reading fluency lessons on an afternoon to try and ensure accelerated progress.


In our writing lessons, we will use some of the most amazing books to inspire our own work. Starting with the book ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman, the children will be given the opportunity to write for a range of purposes and in the style of the author. In the following term, we will be using the book ‘Street Child’, which tells a real life story of a Victorian child and the creation of the Barnardo’s charity. This will allow children to write using different formalities and from different character perspectives. Finally, year 6 will be reading and using ‘Skellig’ to inspire their writing. Writing lessons will give children the chance to develop their understanding of the way we use sentences accurately in our work as they become grammar experts. Children will be taught how to effectively edit and redraft their writing, like true authors, to ensure their writing is engaging and fit for purpose.


In our maths lessons, we will be focussing initially on developing a concrete understanding of place value, the four calculations and fractions. We will be completing a daily ‘maths morning sheet’ which prioritises key arithmetic skills which the children will use across the mathematics curriculum. As well as ensuring they have a fundamental knowledge of the basics, we will have a focus on problem solving and reasoning to allow the children to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the key domains. The domains include: algebra, ratio, measurement, geometry and statistics.   




Our year 6 history topics are:

·         The Battle of Britain

·         The Industrial Revolution

·         The Miners’ Strike


Our year 6 geography topics are:

·         Populations

·         Our Planet – Pollution

·         Shiney Row


Our year 6 science topics are:

·         Animals (including humans)

·         Evolution and inheritance

·         Electricity

·         Light

·         Living things and their habitat


Our year 6 art topics are:

·         Exploring perspective through use of horizon and vanishing points

·         Landscapes

·         Sculpture

·         Printing – textiles


In July 2024, we have been given the opportunity to complete a residential visit to Robinwood. This is an amazing opportunity for the children to develop their social and interpersonal skills. The trip is a three day residential where there are excellent facilities and a range of adventurous activities to take part in.