Year 3 SH Information

Welcome to Year 3 SH at Shiney Row Primary School.

Year 3 General Information

PE: Year 3 children have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday, so should wear appropriate PE bottoms (such as dark, plain joggers, shorts or sports leggings) and trainers on that day. No jewellery should be worn.

Water Bottles: Please bring in a water bottle for your child so that they are able to get a drink of fresh water throughout the day.

Uniform: Please ensure that any uniform worn by children has a name inside. We hate to see jumpers and cardigans go missing but unfortunately these things do happen if names are not inside.

Class Charts: We use Class Charts to share information and communicate with you. Children are able to earn points within lessons for being ready to learn, remaining on task and for good effort. We also award points throughout the day to encourage and support children in being the best that they can be.




Children will all have a reading book at the appropriate level. We ask that children read at home at least 4 times per week with their reading diaries signed. This helps children to develop their fluency, learn new vocabulary and develop important skills in comprehension.

Times Tables

In Year 3, the other part of our homework will focus on recall of the multiplication tables and corresponding facts. We aim to become fluent in the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Your child will receive a login for TTRockstars. Children are asked to complete 20 minutes per week. They are free to complete more than 20 sessions if they are enjoying it and would like to do so.


On a Friday children will be given new spellings for the following week. Children have a spelling test on a Friday. In their Reading Record is log in details for the Ed Shed website which they can access at home to help them with their spelling list each week.




In Year 3 children will be taught a range of reading skills to ensure they are fluent readers. During our reading lessons, we will practise our reading fluency and ability to confidently read aloud. Each day, our reading lessons will focus on one of the key skills such as, retrieval, word meaning and inference. Children will regularly have the opportunity to apply these reading skills to texts and show their progress throughout the year.



In our writing lessons, we will use some of our amazing books to inspire our own work. We will be starting with ‘The Stone Age Boy’, the children will be given the opportunity to write for a range of purposes and in the style of the author. As we move through the school year children will base their own work around several other books. We will write a range of fiction and non-fiction pieces including instructions, non-chronological reports, persuasive letters and genres of narrative.


In our maths lessons, we will be focussing initially on developing a concrete understanding of place value, the four calculations and fractions. We will be completing a daily ‘maths morning sheet’ which prioritises key arithmetic skills which the children will use across the mathematics curriculum. As well as ensuring they have a fundamental knowledge of the basics, we will have a focus on problem solving and reasoning to allow the children to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the key domains. The domains in Year 3 include: number, measurement, geometry and statistics. 


Our Year 3 history topics are:

·         The Stone Age to Iron Age

·         Ancient Egypt

·         Coal Mining



Our Year 3 geography topics are:

·         Mountains

·         Extreme Earth

·         Forests



Within science the children will cover a range of topics where they will have the opportunity to carry out science experiments. These topics include

·         The human skeleton

·         Rocks, fossils and soils

·         Light

·         Plants

·         Forces and magnets



Our Year 3 art topics are:

·         Still life – Paul Cezanne

·         Collage Mixed Media – Kurt Schwitters

·         Canopic Jars – Ancient Egypt

·         Painting – Alexander Miller

Throughout the year we will also keep a sketch book for observational drawings linked to our topics.


Useful Websites: