School Council

What is a school council?

A school council gives children the opportunity to be involved in the way that the school is run.

At Shiney Row Primary School, we respect and value the thoughts and opinions of all our children and want to give them a voice.


The School Council benefits the whole school as it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their ideas and wishes even if it is not always possible or practical to carry them out.


We vote for our school councillors every September. All pupils are invited to stand as councillors before they are voted for democratically and fairly. Members of the council are not chosen by teachers.


What makes a good school councillor?

A school councillor needs to:

Be a good listener and speaker

Be a team player

Be interested to learn more about our school

Be keen to make a contribution to improving the school

Be able to represent the views of  others in their year group

Be able and willing to speak to their class about the council

Be willing to give up some of their own time

Have a lot of good ideas

Set a good example to others


School Councillors 2022-23

Year Group



Zeynep Mazie


Eva  Rares

Year 1

Owyn Lilly

Year 1

Isaac  Mia

Year 2

Benjamin Emily

Year 3

Erin Max

Year 4

Sophie Jack B

Year 5

Heidi  Ashton

Year 6

Lily C Riley W

Lilly B Bailey



School Council teacher lead – Mrs Wilson

What we are working on  (to be added to over the year)