Year 4 LM Information


Welcome to Year 4 at Shiney Row Primary School.

In Year 4 this year...

The Puffin Keeper - Michael Morpurgo | Moon Lane InkReading and writing

This term we are reading the book ‘The Puffin Keeper’. Children are using skills learnt in writing to write character and setting descriptions inspired by the book. We look at what a good one looks like, identify features, use these features and start to plan / write our final pieces.


We are lucky enough to have a music teacher in for Year 4 pupils where they will develop their musical instrument skills. We are currently learning how to play the Ukulele!

Science and History

In science, we are focusing on grouping and classifying living things. We will be involved with nature hunts around school and we are currently learning about vertebrates and invertebrates.

In history, we are learning about the Roman Empire! The children have been very enthusiastic about this, we are using our historical skills of chronology, and enquiry to look at how the Roman Empire affected the world we live in today. At the end of this term, we are going to visit the Roman Forts in South Shields to act as archaeologists!

Key Messages: 

PE: Monday. This half term Year 4 are focusing on Tag Rugby. Practicing passing skills and working as a team.

Swimming: Thursday. Please ensure that children come into school with their swimming kits and a towel (any jewellery should be removed).

Uniform: Please ensure that any uniform worn by children has a name inside. This ensures that if/when jumpers and cardigans are misplaced, they can be found easily.  

Spring Term 2024

This term Year 4 are learning about states of matter in science. We have conducted a fair test to investigate whether the temperature of the water affects the time it takes for ice to melt. We began the experiment by listing the equipment that we needed and discussed our variables. We then made a prediction for the experiment before taking it in turns to conduct the experiment at the front of the class! We found that both of the blocks of ice melted in each jug. However, the ice melted quicker in the hot water than the cold as the temperature was higher.