Year 5 RP  Information 


Welcome to Year 5 at Shiney Row Primary School.

Important information

PE: In Year 5 we have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children should therefore wear appropriate PE bottoms and trainers on these days. Please also ensure children do not wear jewellery on these days.

Class Charts: We use Class Charts to share information and communicate with you. Children can earn points within lessons for being ready to learn, remaining on task and for good effort. We also award points throughout the day to encourage and support children in being the best that they can be.

Children do not need to bring in any equipment or stationery, as this is all provided by school.




Children will have a reading book at the appropriate level. We ask that children read at home at least 4 times per week with their reading diaries signed.

Times Tables

In Year 5, practising times tables are another important part of our homework expectations. All children have received a login for TT Rockstars. Children are asked to complete 20 minutes per week. They are free to complete more than 20 sessions if they are enjoying it and would like to do so. This can be accessed here:


Year 5 curriculum in Autumn Term


In Year 5 children will be taught a range of reading skills to ensure they are fluent readers. During our reading lessons, we will practise our reading fluency and ability to confidently read aloud. Each day, our reading lessons will focus on one of the key skills such as, retrieval, word meaning and inference. Children will regularly have the opportunity to apply these reading skills to texts and show their progress throughout the year.


The children’s writing this term will be based around our class novel, Cogheart. Over the course of term, the children will be given the opportunity to write for a range of purposes. We will begin with writing a setting description to entertain our readers then we will move on to writing a persuasive letter. These are just a few of the writing opportunities planned for the children.


This term in maths lessons, we will be focussing initially on developing a concrete understanding of place value, the four calculations and fractions. We will also be completing a daily ‘maths morning sheet’ which prioritises key arithmetic skills, a hugely important aspect of mathematics.


We will be learning all about Ancient Greece.


This term our topic is Forces.

We will work scientifically and create our own investigations to carry out. We will use scientific language and convey our findings with our scientific reports.

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We start the year with our Oceans and Seas topic.

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The children will start the year exploring the work of Vince Low. They will begin by researching the work of his work before applying learnt skills to replicate his style by creating their own self portraits.