Year 2 Information


Canada Day

On the 1st July, we celebrated Canada Day. Alexis’ Mam is Canadian and she made us some special cookies for us to enjoy. We found out that Canada day celebrates the day that Canada became a country on 1st July 1867. We listened to the Canadian national anthem and explored landmarks in Canada.


The Queens Jubilee

Year 2 have had a wonderful time celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee. We learnt about the role of a monarch and we explored how Princess Elizabeth became Queen. We looked at what her duties are and we investigated her family tree. We ended the week with a special jubilee ‘street party’ all along our corridor. We had a great time.


Year 2 were lucky enough to visit Washington Wildfowl Trust. It was the first time we had been out in a while! We followed the story of Ava who showed us how we could talk to nature. She gave us special baskets and when we completed a task, we could use the baskets to see what the natural world thought about it. We saw some otters being fed and some flamingos. We got hands on with beaks, feet, shells, skins and wings. We then got to go on a Lego safari where we used maps to find Lego sculptures around the parkland. At the end of the day, we got to have some free time in the park. A great day was had by all.

This week, we have enjoyed a visit to Weetslade Farm. We were learning about life as a farmer and where our food comes from. We explored what is needed to raise and care for cattle, pigs and sheep. We learnt about animal passports and what the numbers on their tags mean. After that, we got to explore the machinery and even got to sit in the combine harvester. We investigated the crops grown on the farm and had a go at using the grinders to make our own flour. We had a fantastic day.

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