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PE Premium Information 2017-2018

PE Funding Statement


PE and sport premium for primary schools


This funding is being jointly provided by the departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and sees money going directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE.

On our website you will find:

  • Our PE and sport allocation for the current academic year
  • Details of how we intend to spend our allocation
  • Details of how we spent our previous academic year’s allocation
  • How it made a difference to the PE and sport participation and attainment of the pupils who attract the funding


From September 2013 the Government has allocated funding directly to Primary Schools to support the provision of quality PE/Sport.


Schools must spend the funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but are free to choose how to spend it. 


In order to get the best value and maximum sustainable impact for our children we have allocated the monies as follows:



Academic Year:  September 2017 - August 2018

Total Fund Allocated: £17890



Key indicator 1: Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:



Evidence and impact

Sustainability and next steps:

The daily mile, to get all pupils undertaking at least 30 minutes of additional activity per day.

Course marked out on field. Trophies bought to give out at the end of each week. Medals bought to give out at the end of each term to the winning class.

Teachers responsibility to take their class out at least once a day.


All pupils will be involved in 30 minutes extra physical activity per day. We aim to engage our less active children. Childrens fitness levels will improve due to the daily mile. Attitudes of learning will improve, and attainment levels in pupils.


Daily mile awarded in assembly at the end of each week. Certificates and trophies given out to the winning class. Medals given out to the winning class at the end of each term

Breakfast club activities to encourage more pupils to attend school earlier and get involved in sports and physical activities.


HLTA (coach) to deliver a range of clubs each morning before school starts.


On average 79 pupils attend breakfast club activities, or sports clubs every week.

Aim to increase numbers through advertising, assemblies and through school website. HLTA (coach) to train other staff members in delivering sports and activities.

We have introduced lunchtime activities and sports clubs every lunchtime, to get children more active and involved in physical activity.

HLTA (coach) delivers lunch clubs to increase participation physical activity.


We have around 100 children attending lunch clubs on a weekly basis. More children being physically active.

Aim to increase numbers through advertising, assemblies and through school website. HLTA (coach) to train other staff members in delivering sports and activities.

Six after school clubs set up by HLTA (coach) to increase participating and engage the less active children.

Questionnaires sent out to children to gain feedback on what clubs they would like. I.e. skipping and fencing. HLTA (coach) to deliver skipping, gymnastics, multi skills, and fencing. Year 3 class teacher to deliver netball.


100 spaces in clubs filled each week. Pupils are becoming more active and have a good attitude towards sport. Pupils can stay active for a longer period of time, therefore fitness levels are improving.

Aim to increase numbers through advertising, assemblies and through school website. HLTA (coach) to train other staff members in delivering sports and activities.

Introduce the whole school to the Hoopstarz initiative (June).

Coaches to deliver the initiative to the whole school. Purchase more hoops.


- Training


- Hoops

Active playground. More children being active at lunch times and break times.

Lunchtime supervisors to get involved with the training and delivery.


Key Indicator 2: The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the school as a tool for

whole school improvement

We have a celebration assembly each week when any sporting news/achievements are celebrated. As a School we ensure pupils are aware of the importance of P.E and sport.

Any awards, medals, trophies or certificates are presented. Any up and coming events to be spoken about, I.e. Sport relief.


Pupils are excited and engaged in sports and clubs. Assemblies promote confidence and emotional development.

SLT are committed and supportive in raising awareness of P.E and sport in School. As a School we need to continue to do this for sustainability.


Key Indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching

PE and Sport

School focus with clarity on intended impact on pupils:

Actions to achieve:

Funding allocated:

Evidence and impact:

Sustainability and next steps:

Teachers in on every lesson to gain experience on delivery and work on their CPD.


Mr Football to work with Foundation stage children every Tuesday morning to teach children basic moves.



Pupils have improved basic skills including fitness and flexibility, co-ordination and agility and attitude towards exercise, health and participation in sports. Teachers more confident in delivery and will now work with small groups in lessons, and on a one on one basis.

Mr Football to remain in School and work with Foundation Stage pupils and a variety of Teachers.

HLTA/Coach to gain gymnastics CPD.

HLTA/Coach to work alongside gymnastics coach on a Wednesday evening in school/club, to gain gymnastics training and experience.


Increased numbers in gymnastics club. Pupils are winning more competitions. HLTA/Coach more confident in delivery.

Gymnastics coach to stay in school and to work with other members of staff.

HLTA/Coach to gain CPD.

HLTA/Coach to attend Lacross training course, to deliver in curricular lessons and after school clubs


Better subject knowledge for HLTA/Coach. Pupils more engaged because they are trying a new sport.

HLTA/Coach will be confident in delivery both within and outside the curriculum.


Key Indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered

to all pupils

School to offer a wide variety of sports and activities and to take note of the less active children in school.

HLTA/Coach to liaise with pupils through questionnaires, to gain feedback on clubs and sporting activities. Lacross kit will be purchased to introduce a new sport in school.


Feedback from questionnaires, pupils have asked for lacrosse in school.

Set up a lacrosse afterschool club in school. Promote the club through letters and website to advertise. Deliver lacrosse in curricular lesson to offer something different to pupils.

Other Teachers apart from HLTA/Coach to help deliver extracurricular clubs.

Miss Taylor has set up a netball club after school and also joined a netball league.

£35 - entry into

netball league.


£500 - transport



20 pupils taking part in netball club every week. Pupils given the chance to experience competition. Increased confidence etc.

Miss Taylor to continue with netball club and league. More Teachers to get involved with extracurricular clubs and activities.


Key Indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport

Pupils given the opportunity to play competitive sports in School.

Intra school competitions at the end of every term.


Pupils enjoying P.E lessons more, therefore joining extracurricular clubs, and clubs outside of school.

Teachers to be involved in delivery. Continue with in house games. More competitions to in school.

Pupils given the opportunity to play competitive sports against other schools and experience L2 and L3 competitions.

Liaise with school games organizer regarding events and competitions. Give children from each year group the opportunity to play at different levels.

Transport to

sporting events

 - £3500

76 pupils from KS2 have participated in competitions outside of school this year. The remaining pupils will be given the opportunity in the next up and coming events.

Continue to entre competitions. Records kept of children who have competed in competition outside of school. Target those who haven't and give them the opportunity to participate in events they enjoy.

Pupils given the opportunity to compete at Sunderland Tennis Centre.

Year 3 and Year 4 pupils given the opportunity to compete in a tennis tournament. HLTA/Coach to take children to competition. Buy into offer from the tennis centers. Coach to come into school and deliver three sessions before the event.


Pupil engagement throughout lessons. Created a club link with the tennis center, one pupil now attends regularly.

Set up a tennis afterschool club in school to promote the sport further. Keep the club link available to all children.

Pupils given the opportunity to compete outside of school and try a different activity.

Year 2 and Year 4 skipping festival. Pupils to compete against other schools and show their skipping skills.


Pupils more active at break times and lunch times, skipping on the yard. Children working and communicating with others to try new skills.

Purchase more skips for KS1 pupils. Promote skipping and show new skills and routines in celebration assembly.


Other Indicator identified by school: Additional Swimming

Swimming in School is continuous throughout the year. Children will be able to swim 25m by the time they leave Primary School and this extra funding will ensure they can achieve more and gain at least another 10m. 

HLTA/Coach to work along side teachers  to help swimmers further.


70% Of Y5 pupils are already able to swim 25m. The remaining 30% are swimming with the Y6 pupils.  When they progress to Y6 they will be given the opportunity to progress their 25m further to 50m and will also perform safe rescue. Currently, 75% of Y6 are able to swim 25m and the other 25% will have until the end of the year to progress. The pupils who have already achieved this will progress to 50m and safe rescue.

Continue with the swimming for the next academic year.

HLTA/Coach will continue to assist in the pool to aid swimmers.


Equipment Purchased


Gymnastics Springboard     £200

Hockey Sticks                         £100

Shinpads                                 £20

Medals/Trophies                  £200



Total Funding spent/due to be spent